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The following are synopses of stories I have written. Full versions of the stories have not been posted due to copyright reasons. Anyone interested in publishing any of the stories may contact Amanda via e-mail at amjameson@vassar.edu.

Red Earth
The first in a series of tales from a post-apocalyptic setting, “Red Earth” is a story of life and death in a changed world. Ela, a sixteen year old girl, leaves the saftey of numbers in the camp to inspect a dead body found on camp territory. Ankush, the camp doctor, finds her with the corpse and lays the corpse to rest.

Just Remembering
Part of the “Red Earth” series, “Just Remembering” is a story about Jane “Nix” Nixon, an ex-soldier whose beloved dog has caught the virus that decimated mankind. The helplessness she feels brings back an unwelcome memory from her tours of duty in Iraq.

In and Out
Another story from the “Red Earth” series, “In and Out” relates the camp’s first small-scale expedition to the town of Perkinsgate. Nina, an ex-car thief, is called upon to use her skills for the good of the camp, but the price she demands is perhaps too high.

“Falling” is a young woman’s experience of Milton’s “Paradise Lost,” which seems to reflect certain aspects of her own experiences of love. Told conspiratorially, and sometimes with brutal honesty, “Falling” chronicles this woman’s fall not into, but out of love.

Amanda's work is already having an impact on people. Check out these images inspired by “Falling” that were created by artist, Michael Beckett.

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